What is BEMP®? BEMP (Building Envelope Maintenance Plan) is our unique process that allows us to apply our integrated thinking, hands-on experience, resources and manpower to safely clean and maintain your building envelope. The BEMP program will take your building through four critical phases: Assess, Clean, Report, and Work. Putting BEMP to work on your property will give you more time, accurate reports, forecasting, less hassles and ultimately a great looking building for much less money and effort!

BEMP is a comprehensive process that looks at all facets of your building envelope. New City Contracting also takes into account your buildings age, architectural style and overall design. The BEMP process means we will do careful analysis on your buildings maintenance and envelope deficiencies. We then create a BEMP Lifecycle Report that reviews the four critical phases of your building.

When you get New City Contracting to use their unique BEMP process, you know that your building will be properly maintained. And you will also know that the maintenance program will be a good fit for your budget, and you will know what is scheduled for your building at all times. It’s just a great tool to manage your building’s health and maintain its value. Talk to us about how BEMP can solve your building envelope maintenance concerns now and in the future!